Retailer Success Stories

best-one JJ’s

Gilfach, Bargoed

Shoppers are now really impressed with the store, its layout and its ease of shop with every category clearly signed. I am particularly pleased with the new Food to Go area and the licensed section which really makes a huge difference in terms of footfall and basket spend. I am confident that I will recoup my investment within two years. My only regret is that I wish I had moved to best-one years ago!

Gareth Jones

Thomas News


After discussing my store with my best-one BDE, I realised there had to be changes made to move my business forward. After attending the Bestway Retail Development seminar, it really made up my mind. The transition was very smooth with continuing support from the Development Team. With the introduction of Food to Go, Coffee, EPOS and the refit, we feel we are now going in the right direction.

We are so proud to be a part of the best-one family and look forward to the future.

Barry Thomas



The support from the best-one team has been really amazing. From the development team and category planners right through to the merchandisers, the overall service and attention to the business has been fantastic. I am really proud of the new store and my customers have already commented on the difference it has made to the area.

Jay Karavadra

Dragon Service Stations

South Wales

The best-one team came up with a revamped fascia and in-store design which is really appealing to customers.

The best-one own-label is second to none – a huge range and exceptional quality. By switching to best-one, I’m better off financially by over £30,000 per year compared to my previous symbol group supplier.

Darren Briggs