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Oracle / Torex– Best-one's Partner in forecourt EPoS solutions

What We Do

Oracle , the new name for Torex, has over 20 years' experience of working in partnership with some of the world's most forward-thinking retail, hospitality, grocery, petrol & convenience brands to excite, engage and retain their customers.  In an increasingly competitive market, customers today seek a more personal and qualitative experience. By continually investing in technology and research and development and by employing personnel with extensive knowledge and experience of these specialist markets, we are able to identify and define opportunities for our clients to maximise profitability, increase return on investment and achieve competitive advantage.

Our Grocery, Petroleum & Convenience solutions portfolio

In order to cater for the specific needs of the different markets in which we operate, we've divided our products into two categories:

  1. Principal solutions, made up of Enterprise solutions and POS solutions, are those designed for the global market and to be configured to meet the needs and challenges of individual industry sectors. Torex invests heavily in research and development to ensure these products remain best in class and customers are provided with regular roadmap updates.
  2. Local solutions, in which we also continue to invest, consist of a wide range of sector-specific solutions used by customers in one or more regions. We will produce regular roadmaps for products within this category and provide customers with advice and solutions that allows them to migrate to the latest technology, as appropriate.

We are committed to supporting all solutions, where feasible, for as long as our clients continue to gain value from them - we will never “sunset” a Torex™ product, provided the supporting technology allows us to maintain it.

POS Solutions

  • Grocery, Petrol & Convenience POS
  • Mobile POS.
  • Prism for Back Office

Flawless installation

Take full advantage of our experience and knowledge in planning and implementing company-wide rollouts - whether in one country or globally. We not only install new hardware and software, but we also ensure their seamless integration into your existing environment. We will plan all phases of rollout on your behalf, including:

  • inspections
  • planning and conception
  • implementation
  • structural measures
  • disassembly of your old system
  • assembly of your new system
  • commissioning
  • handover and training.

We can implement Europe-wide networking, both LANs (Local Area Networks) and WANs (Wide Area Networks), taking specific national requirements into consideration. We'll work around your opening hours and are available at all times, including weekends. Following installation of your network, we'll put onsite standby support at your disposal. From then onwards, our customer service department or project management team will support the further development and expansion of your installation


We continually invest in our extensive support capabilities, which can be available to suit your business needs. This investment ensures that our team of trained specialists can deal with any challenges, however complex. Our systems track any reported customer issues, monitoring them through to reported resolution.

Our Customers

As a leading global supplier of integrated software, hardware and services, we're enabling over 7,000 clients - including 1,200 blue chip organisations - to deliver the definitive customer experience.